Requisitos do processo de construção geogrelha

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Geogrid paved surface should be relatively smooth, paving layer after passing the acceptance, in order to prevent the phenomenon of vertical skew, press width white line drawn in the pavement layers or hung, you can begin paving, and iron nails grille ends (each 8 m wide with a nail, uniform distance fixed).

After fixing the ends of the grid, with a paving machine to pull forward slowly grill shop, shop 10 meters long each artificial straightening and tensioning time, until the volume grid Puwan, holes and under the roll, operation with the former.

Puwan roll began rolling it again in the forward direction from the starting point of the roller with the 6T-10T. (Such as paving in the leveling layer in the upper layer and the surface, the steel roller roller is appropriate; such as grid laid directly on the concrete pavement with a rubber roller roller appropriate.)

Then shop: a roll as long as the unit segment length laid, after long segment shall be covered within the grid covered, and then check the overall paving quality, and then paving the next paragraph. The next section of paving, grille and grille can lap length 10-15CM and continue to move forward with the direction of the second paragraph after the shop or nails fixed wedge. And so on, with the former operating requirements.